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{DESPERATE TIMES} MASQUERADES ARE NOW ROBBING - By Uduak Umo| I almost fell victim two months ago along the new Uyo-Abak dual carriage road. It was 9pm and I was on like 100 km/h heading to Abak. The street lights are powered by solar but they're pretty week in lumen and as is the case on every lit street in Nigeria some of the bulbs are dead. Hence there are dark stretches on this very road. There was one crawling bus ahead of me and there was a dark spot just ahead of him. There was…

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Asteroid's troughs suggest stunted planet

Enormous troughs that reach across the asteroid Vesta may actually be stretch marks that hint of a complexity beyond most asteroids.Now, a new analysis supports the notion that the troughs are faults that formed when a fellow asteroid smacked into Vesta's south pole. The research reinforces the claim that Vesta has a layered interior, a quality normally reserved for larger bodies, such as planets and large moons.


The Offaly Way - Long distance marked ways - Cadamstown



Phobos orbits 3 miles above Mars; it's a tempting destination. Russia tried to send a lander TO PHOBOS AND BACK in 2010. The Russian math guys figured that voyage would be cheaper than Earth-Moon-Earth. It takes less fuel (80%) because the escape from Phobos is so easy, it outweighs the increase in distance from the Moon. MORE ABOUT PHOBOS: Phobos will crash into Mars in approx 1 million years- if it lasts that long. Visible STRETCH MARKS mean Mars is so close that Phobos is being PULLED…

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