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Stonewall Film

This parody Twitter rips into the Stonewall film’s ‘whitewashing’

Why Are People Angry at the Stonewall Film Trailer? Erasure, That’s Why

The 4 people missing from the new Stonewall film trailer

Critics really can't stand whitewashed 'Stonewall' film -

The New “Stonewall” Film Treats Trans People Like Inspirational Sidekicks

The New Stonewall Film Tramples On Trans History

Critics really can't stand whitewashed 'Stonewall' film

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Anger rising over Stonewall movie as 20,000 sign petition to boycott it

The Independent: Aug. 9, 2015 - More than 20,000 people sign petition to boycott 'whitewashed' Stonewall film

Spoof Trailer Tells the Truth About Obnoxiously Whitewashed Stonewall Film

Advocate: Aug. 11, 2015 - Larry Kramer on Stonewall movie critics: 'Don't listen to crazies'