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Stonehenge, England Originally constructed by the British Pagans who lived on the Island Nation before the Celtic Tribes during their long war with the Roman Empire who eventually took over England and destroyed the Celts and then executed the Druid Priests and Priestesses.


Looking Down, What makes Stonehenge unique? For one, its design, which includes huge horizontal stone lintels capping the outer circle and sitting atop the vertical slabs called trilithons, locked together by joints. In addition, the structure includes two different kinds of stones called Bluestones and Sarsens, the largest of which weighs more than 40 tons, according to UNESCO.


Lust auf ein Südsee-Abenteuer in hiking heels? Die Schatzkarte führt uns zu berried treasures - let's loot the booty! Knapp bekleidet in tribal text-styles steuern wir durch die coconut cove, ja, bald sind wir da - viva antigua!