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Rajasthan, India ~ Learn how to Turbo Charge Read and actually remember what you have read. http://youtu.be/LyO3EkP1TdY great for researching authors and students. India | Steve McCurry.

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Dust storm - Rajasthan, 1984 | Steve McCurry, photographer. I want to experience other cultures and capture life like this.

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Portraits | Steve McCurry

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Umbria, Italy | Steve McCurry

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Che i colori ti saltino addosso o che sia tu a riempirti di colori l'importante è saperne cogliere la ricchezza, saper vedere ogni sfumatura, viverla. foto di Steve McCurry

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Steve McCurry India Photography-7

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by Steve McCurry. I dislike how he's rather exclusively known for his photo of Sharbat Gula-The Afghan Girl. It is an extraordinary portrait, however, he has such an extensive portfolio.

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