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19 wunderschöne Tattoos für alle, die Natur lieben

Diese schlichte Sternenkarte. | 26 wunderschöne Tattoos für Naturliebhaber

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40 Coole Fuß Tattoo Vorlagen

Another star tatoo idea...GORGEOUS! -maybe in the Orion constellation though

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Orion: the Hunter in the Winter Night Sky ~ Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Zodiac Space Pendant - Orion Constellation Star Map Pendant with Glow in the Dark Stars - Magical Glow Effects

Zodiac Space Pendant - Orion Constellation with Glow in the Dark Stars - Silver Filigree Locket

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28 GORGEOUS Tattoos That Look Stunning On EVERY Woman

This cute constellation is perfect for all the astronomers out there.

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For more amazing images and posts about how Astronomy is Awesome, check us out! As always, please feel free to ask questions and we love it when you reblog! #astronomy...

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Watercolour constellation brothers tattoo tatuagem constelacao aquarela irmaos

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The Horsehead Nebula is a cloud of ionized-hydrogen in the constellation Orion. These clouds are lit from within by young, hot stars. The interstellar dust absorbs the light from part of the ionized cloud creating this beautiful contrast. Image Credit: NASA, NOAO, ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

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Sword of Orion constellation & nebula - © Robert Gendler, 2006

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Eine Sternen-Konstellation

Pin for Later: 100 klitze-kleine Tattoo-Ideen für euren ersten Stich Eine Sternen-Konstellation

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