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Status Quo Synonym

von ONE

Lessons of a Social Entrepreneur: Don’t be afraid to dare

"I am constantly frustrated with the status quo and I restlessly engage myself in trying to solve big problems." Inspiring words from an African social entrepreneur!

von The Dating Divas

Let's Grow Old Together...

Let's Grow Old Together... | The Dating Divas How to stay in the newlywed phase forever! CALL FOR #SUBMISSIONS Theme: #Avant #Garde Deadline: June 1 2016 #Creative work from all mediums encouraged! Apply at: Moodboard: We are looking for cutting-edge innovators whose experimental art pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo primarily in the cultural realm. We are particularly interested in #fashion…

WORD OF THE DAY: hegemony he·ge·mo·ny noun \hi-ˈje-mə-nē, -ˈge-; ˈhe-jə-ˌmō-nē\ Definition 1 : preponderant influence or authority over others : domination 2 : the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group