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Starke Magnete

Sabona 35275 Executive Regency Duet Magnetic Bracelet, Large by Sabona. Save 61 Off!. $28.99. 1200 gauss magnet strength. About the Brand Sabona manufactures and markets fine copper and magnetic bracelets worldwide. Established in 1959, Sabona has offices in England and in the United States, and is internationally recognized as the premier marketer of copper and magnetic bracelets due to strict standards of quality and fine craftsmanship. The Copper Theory Various form...

XVII. The Star: The Crystal Tarot The stars behind her represent Chakras- one large plus seven smaller. This symbolizes a need to open your chakras and cleanse your aura. The Stars with 8 points are associated with the number 17, and (1+7=8). Eight is Strength; accept your faults and love yourself in spite of them.


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Extra starke Magnete, 10 Stück

Extra starke Magnete € 3,50


Frösche, starke Kühlschrankmagnete (Neodym-Magnete) - supermagnete

1 SVIBBLE RICHY Holzvibrator in Zirm Wiederaufladbar 100% Wasserdicht Funkferngesteuert 10 Vibrationsprogramme USB-Ladekabel Magnetic Connector Starke Vibration Flüsterleise

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50 starke Magnete 4mm 17003

50 starke Magnete 4mm 17003 von fascinum schmuckzubehör auf