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Burg Falkenstein

Burg Niederfalkenstein (Château Falkenstein), en Autriche.

High Middle Age Men's Garment with celtic patterns in gold and silk embroidery c. 1350


Page from the book “Advent of the Medieval Sword“, focusing on sword & shield in the Early and High Middle Ages. <>.


1500, Hans Holbein der Ältere und Werkstatt Sitzende Frau von hinten gesehen, "Hl. Thekla"


The idea that people should have washed in the Middle Ages rarely, stubbornly persists, but is certainly wrong. Even the Germans put on personal hygiene, worth, and in the high middle ages public bathhouses were very beliebt


Door of the ancient castle | Große Kreisstadt Dillingen an der Donau | Dillingen a.d. Donau |  The beginnings of Dillingen go back to an Alamannic settlement and an Ottonian country Castle. This castle became the center of a county in the 10th century and it is mentioned for the first time in historical records in 973. In the immediate neighbourhood of the castle, a market expanded the settlement in the late period of the Hohenstaufen, and the town of Dillingen was formed in the high…