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Post (Athens, Ohio) April 12 2002, page 1: "Wall defaced." "A group claiming to be the 'James Hall Mafia' sprayed anti-homosexual slurs and threats over a Swarm of Dykes mural on Ohio University's Graffiti Wall. Members of the LGBT community were not daunted by the threats, returning to the wall to repaint it." :: Ohio University Archives

Ethan Wate thought he was getting used to the strange, impossible events happening in Gatlin, his small Southern town. But now that Ethan and Lena have returned home, strange and impossible have taken on new meanings. Swarms of locusts, record-breaking heat, and devastating storms ravage Gatlin as Ethan and Lena struggle to understand the impact of Lena's Claiming.


Swarm Cognition is the juxtaposition of two relatively unrelated concepts that evoke, on the one hand, the power of collective behaviours displayed by natural swarms, and on the other hand the complexity of cognitive processes in the vertebrate brain. In recent years, scientists from various disciplines have been suggesting that, at a certain level of description, operational principles used to account for the behaviour of natural swarms may turn out to be extremely powerful tools to…


Book One. Rae Wilder has problems. Supernatural creatures swarm the earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, Rae thinks… read more at Kobo.

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"i wish i could just ask you what you think of me" but i can't because i am afraid of your answer <-- tru that