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Springfield M1903

U.S. Army sniper Edward J. Foley of Methuen, Massachusetts - Italy 1944 WWII. PHOTO CREDIT: Za Rodinu.


WWII battle rifles of the United States - (l to r) Remington 03A3, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine

“No Drill” 1903A4 Sniper Rifle – 1903 Springfield

von Mail Online

The 10 guns that defined America: Ex-Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle's most important firearms in history revealed in posthumous book

Big firepower: The M1903 Springfield added modern firepower to the U.S. Army. The .30-06 cartridge it fired is still in use by millions of hunter today

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ArtStation - M1903 Springfeild Mark 1, Robert Allin David Allsopp

M-1903 Springfield, .30 (30.06) (Years & Serial) | EUCMH

In the foreground is U.S. sniper Pfc. Edward J. Foley, Co 'G', 143rd Infantry, 36th Infantry Division cleaning his Springfield 1903A4 rifle, Near Velletri, Lazio, Italy.


NRA Parade Rifle - Starting off as a Remington Model 1903A3 rifle during WWII, this bolt-action left military service to fall in with the NRA at our Annual Meetings. For years, a pair of specially refinished Remington M1903A3 rifles fitted with white dress slings & finely polished stocks opened/closed the Meetings. In the hands of well-drilled veteran employees, this rifle escorted the national and state flags to the podium. Located at both NRA Museums in Fairfax, VA & Springfield, MO