Springfield m1903

Springfield M1903

Springfield M1903 Air Service rifle

Springfield M1903 Mk 1 - .30-06

Springfield M 1903 Sniper Rifle

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Springfield M1903 MkI rifle Manufactured by the Springfield Arsenal c.1903-1918 and converted to use the Pedersen device - manufactured by Remington - c.1918 for the planned WW1′s 1919 Allied Spring Offensive - serial number 1172141. .30-18 Automatic/7,65x20mm 40-round 45° removable stick magazine, originally a bolt action - bolt replaced by a semi-automatic pistol fitting snugly in the rifle’s barrel.

Springfield M1903

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Springfield M1903 Bolt Action Rifle

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M1903 Springfield

Springfield M1903 rifle with Air Service magazine Manufactured by the Springfield arsenal with an Avis replacement barrel c.1918 - serial number 220495. .30-06 25-round fixed box magazine, bolt action repeater. From what I’ve read, Air Service rifles used simpler rear sights and had shortened stocks and handguards, and were used by plane crews, most likely to be used as an effective compact weapon in case they crashed behind enemy lines.

This is a rare 1918 Pedersen Device, which fired a .30 caliber pistol-sized cartridge via a 40-round detachable stick magazine. It consisted of a semi-automatic bolt assembly designed to replace the bolt in a Springfield M1903 Mark I rifle, which would temporarily convert it into a semi-automatic weapon. When the war ended, all the devices were placed in storage, classified as a secret weapon until 1931 when they were ordered to be destroyed. Fewer than 100 devices are estimated to exist…

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