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Tee von der Gundelrebe

Tee von der Gundelrebe - Als altbekannte Heilpflanze wirkt Gundermann stoffwechselanregend und ausgleichend. Seine antibakterielle und entzündingshemmende Wirkung wird gerne bei Erkältungen und Wunden genutzt. |

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PsychiatryOnline | Academic Psychiatry | Body Image, Media, and Eating Disorders

PsychiatryOnline | Academic Psychiatry | Helping Medical Students Understand Postpartum Psychosis Through the Prism of “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Psychotherapy Threatened Despite Cost-Effectiveness - pinned by Private Practice from the Inside Out at

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Journal of Adult Development: Presents peer-reviewed research (both basic and applied) that covers biological, psychological and socio-cultural development across the life cycle.

New hope for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury - A new drug can rapidly improve following a single dose that targets brain inflammation, even years after the stroke or traumatic event. The new drug utilized was etanercept, a therapeutic that selectively binds and neutralizes an inflammatory immune molecule.

The Amazing Language of Medicine - Understanding Medical | Robert B. Taylor | Springer

Mirror in White Snake Skin by Karl Springer by Karl Springer

Exceptional Black Cobra Mirror by Karl Springer by Karl Springer

Springer Medizin Corporate Identity on Behance

Springer Medizin Corporate Identity on Behance