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trees in acryl


lisa berczel cakes - using air brush to spatter

Paint Splatter Cake Tutorial

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How to Make Paint Look Like It's Dripping Down the Canvas

How to Make Drip Marks on a Painting Canvas | eHow

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Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint, Neon

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Make Your Own DIY Abstract Art With This Tutorial

Want to make some DIY abstract artwork? Here is my step-by-step guide where you'll be able to paint a canvas in under 30 minutes!! No special artist skills required! You can even customize the colors for your decor. My painting featured gray, white, pink, and gold leaf. Click over for the full tutorial!

Invites: Wooden palettes from the craft shop, with details doodled on in marker. Decorations: Paint-speckled mural paper hung on the wall and spread on the floor Activities: Tye-dye T-shirts. Food: Put ketchup and mustard in squeeze bottles to “paint” burgers and dogs. Cake: Splatter white-iced cake with different colored candy melts, to look like a Jackson Pollock drip painting. Favors: Mini paint sets, marker packs, modeling clay.

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How to Paint a Cake

Paint a Cake

Splatter cookies. May use graham cracker halves.


Paint splatter Hello kitty Cake. I use wilton frosting. For the paint look water down frosting to paint consistency. And splatter it on with spoon or knife for the drizzle effect. For the colors I use Wiltons color pigments. Make cake as directed on box.