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Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid from "Criminal Minds." I WANT HIM! He looks like the opposite Loki with the hair and the scarf More

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Community Post: 21 Times Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds" Stole Your Heart

When he perfected the “just rolled out of bed” look: | 21 Times Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds" Stole Your Heart

Dr. Spencer Reid. Yes please.~definition of an attractive nerd

Lml best line from Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds xD

Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. He is so cute with short hair!!

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Hot Guys Holding Babies

Dr. Spencer Reid and a baby, this is the best yet

Mathew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds)

When Morgan honors both his dad and Reid, how can you not cry at that!!

The more I watch CM, the more I want Reid's eidetic memory though there are downsides...and the downside is practically the whole thing.

Awww. Spencer is so cute when he's sleeping. If you do not find this completely heart melting, you are heartless. Spencer Reid for the win!