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Special Air Service Training

SAS. The Special Air Service or SAS is a regiment of the British Army constituted on 31 May 1950.[5] It is part of the United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) and has served as a model for the special forces of many other countries all over the world.[8][10] Special forces, or special operations forces, aremilitary units highly trained to perform unconventional, often high-risk missions. The SAS together with the Special Boat Service (SBS), Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR)


British SAS - The true grandfathers of Black Ops. Training the worlds future Elite/SF, from years of experience. They wrote the book on Hostage Rescue! But don't forget the SBS, equally as good.

During World War II, the British Army trained dogs to jump out of airplanes with soldiers. This crossbred Collie, Rob, reportedly made 20 jumps and took part in the North African landing. Here, the paradog is presented with the Dickin Medal for animal gallantry in Feb. 1945. There is even a children's book about him: Rob the Paradog.


Navy Seal K-9's - love it! Bring home our military animals too!!


Junkers G-38 in Lufthansa commercial service

James Seay-Army Air Corps-WW2-training films (Actor)


A former US Army pilot who went on to fly for Air America seen here by the 'company' sign in Da Nang, Vietnam

Ruth Nichols, 1930. Nichols was the only woman to simultaneously hold the women's world speed, altitude, and distance records for heavy land planes. In 1940, Nichols founded Relief Wings, a humanitarian air service for disaster relief that quickly became an adjunct relief service of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) during World War II. She is pictured here next to her Lockheed Model 5 Vega Special "The New Cincinnati," in which she set a women's transcontinental speed record in 1930. NASM-79-3164