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These are my fave snack. My son thinks these are "chips". I think the sodium is a little high, but he loves these things. He is a picky eater. They also have Cheddar & BBQ flavor.


These are great little crackers. Gluten free, grain free and full of goodness. Almonds are alkaline and are very low in cholesterol and sodium. They're also a good source of riboflavin, magnesium and manganese, and a very good source of Vitamin E just to name a few good things about them.


Sweet potatoes are high in carbs and loaded with vitamin A and C which will help fight off midday fatigue. Not to mention they are a delicious snack for anytime of day! Try them mashed or cut into strips, tossed with a little oil and baked for a healthier alternative to french fries.

Chicken-Bacon Nuggets

My hubby found this in a copy of Southern Living at work. These are super easy and great tasting little appetizers. If you want, you can use reduced-sodium bacon and lite soy sauce to cut back on the sodium. I dont think they need any dipping sauce as the marinade provides a tangy/sour/sweet flavor. Cooking time includes marinade time.


Homemade Kale Chips You can transform fresh kale into snackable road food. To make kale chips, remove the leafy parts from the rib after rinsing. Dry the leaves and place them in one layer on a baking sheet, drizzle olive oil on top, and sprinkle with a little salt—if you’re not on a sodium restricted diet. Cook for 8 to 12 minutes at 300°F. And there you have it! You’ve got yourself a snack that’s just as crunchy as potato chips, but with no trans fat or cholesterol.

RAINBOW SUMMER ROLLS Happy Hump day wonderful peeps! My kids appetite seems to be increasing and I'm totally amazed at times how much they both eat being 3 & 6. Can anyone else relate?? Today I am a guest for the #Instaweanteam and the topic being Healthy Snacks On the Go. Today straight after school I gave my precious ones these RAINBOW VEGGIE & SOBA NOODLE ROLLS as an afternoon snack to eat in the car and whilst we were out and about. They both fell in love instantly at the colourful…

Hearty Meat Stick Variety

Low Sodium Popcorn Time Tin


Asparagus Salsa

Asparagus salsa recipe. I love asparagus and such a healthy little snack with a few chips and lots of salsa!


Like this recipe? Be sure to check out my recipe for No Bake Protein Bars! They contain no cereal fillers and have flax seed and dark chocolate for an extra boost! Only 200 calories each. They are by far Jon's favorite! Exercise has become a very important part of our lives lately.  I run a

Cuban-Style Ham Sandwich - With a few pickles, Dijon mustard, a French roll and Hillshire Farm® Ultra Thin Lower Sodium Smoked Ham, it’s easy to give lunch a little Latin flavor.