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Slipknot Spit It Out

Ich wurde so taub, das ich dich dort nicht spüren kann. Ich wurde so müde. Mir wurde immer mehr bewusst ich werde zu dem. Alles was ich will ist, mehr wie ich zu sein und weniger wie du


Your nothing until you walk alone - courage and strength #fight


SLIPKNOT: I LOVE THESE masks!! Back to when I was a young teenager and listened to a lot of Slipknot, my favorite members were Sid and Chris. My best friend's were Craig and Jim. That was before everybody had a computer. We spent hours speculating on what they could possibly look like.

Slipknot - Snuff [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Slipknot- "Snuff." I love this song! It's heart wrenching and painful, yet speaks to the soul.


Slipknot - Spit It Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Oh! So break yourself against my stones, and spit your pity in my soul, you never needed any help, you sold me out to save yourself. And I won't listen to your shame.You ran away you're all the same. ANGELS LIE TO KEEP CONTROL..