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Skyrim Stalhrim

SKYRIM Replica Weapons (Bow,Daggers)

While this is a CosPlay item not safe for LARPing, the build methodology would be useful for other prop items besides weapons. - Stalhrim Dagger - Skyrim

Sneak peek of my 98% complete Stalhrim longsword. I still need a beautifully deadly Norse name for her... #theelderscrolls #skyrim #stalhrim #longsword #cosplayprop #aintsheabeauty

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Skyrim: Stalhrim Armor

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Skyrim · Stalhrim Deathbrand Armor

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Stalhrim Dagger (Dragonborn)

Stalhrim Dagger (Dragonborn) | Elder Scrolls | Fandom powered by Wikia

Skyrim: Dragonborn:A New Source of Stalhrim

Stalhrim Armor (Dragonborn DLC) BASE ARMOR:102 Weight:59 BASE VALUE:4235 Class: Heavy Upgrade Material: Stalhrim PERK: Ebony Smithing