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Magnus *Glitter? Glitter!* Bane Alec *Too gay for this shit* Lightwood

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Movie/tv show<< I feel like it is a toss up for most of the actors. Both actors for the show and movie have certain qualities that make them good for their character but they all lack something that their counterpart has

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Jace Herondale in every situation imaginable | TMI Shadowhunters | Squidward

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love it

love it

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Honestly, I think they screwed the series up and I'm dying inside during every episode, but I just keep hoping it gets better... And right now, Alec is the reason I can still watch it...

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Jace and Alec #parabatai #brothers #shadowhunters tumblr

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the mortal instruments image More

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Max Hard But wish true. I like the imagination of alec being a politican and a Doctor they Are bot perfekt for him.

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#Shadowhunters 1x02 "The Descent Into Hell Is Easy"

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18 Best Shadowhunters Quotes from 'This Guilty Blood' (2x01

Quote from Shadowhunters 2x01 │ Clary Fray: Then run faster! Simon Lewis: I’m a vampire. I’m running slow for you.

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