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Serval Katze Kaufen

Savannah Cat - huge breed, has the temperament of a dog, and has gorgeous markings. Too bad they cost over $2,000!


3dRose serval cat watercolor blue, Sports Water Bottle, 21oz, White

3dRose serval cat watercolor blue, Sports Water Bottle, 21oz

Serval (Leptailurus serval) Buy at Buy at Servals have solid solitary spots over a tawny coat They are most easy to identify by their enormous ears.

Bengal cat - one more sleep and Azula will be here

And my next cat will be.... a Bengal, for sure!!

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Imagine receiving more than 20 calls every month from owners begging you to take in their little Bengal cat because it’s become too much to handle or it urinates throughout the house? How would you feel when time and time again, you had to say “no” – you had to explain the reality of the situation? This is what we deal with on a regular basis at The Wildcat Sanctuary. The breeders don’t have to answer these calls, though they’ve caused the problem. But we and countless other shelters have…

African Serval Cat | African Serval Cat