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Some on Seith.

Schneeflocke Tattoo,Runen Symbols,Hexenstuff Und,Runen Tattoo,Unterarm Tattoo,Nordisches,Zirkel,Germanen,Wichtig

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Viking leather and resin bracers, own design with Odin crows. This item includes A PAIR of viking bracers and A PAIR of fur bracers. Hand-made leather bracers with a flexible resin plate. This resin have a great resistance to impact, reduced weigth and is very confortable to wear, so is very safe to larp, scenic figth, action scenes... Fur bracers are independent so you have three different options to wear them: only fur, fur and leather or only leather. All of them are attached with higt...

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Yggdrasil, the World Tree

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Val … More

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Stampin' Up! Pillow Box Bride and Groom Joni Seith Wedding

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Völuspá is the Norse Goddess of Wisdom and Prophecy. She is the seer or völva who tells Odin the story of how the world was created, and how it will come to its end.

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