Jewel Anemones- The modest jewel anemone (Corynactis haddoni) may well be one of the most interesting animal species as it exhibits a high degree of colour variability.Like other anemones, the jewel anemone can reproduce asexually by splitting, which leads to clusters of identically coloured clones, and these patches join up to amazing quilt works of gaudy colours. The jewel anemone does not have long thinning tentacles but short ones, ending in knobs.

Sea pen. Pluma de mar Clase : Anthozoa Orden: pennatulacea

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Phyllodesmium poindi

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Seeanemonen - Ernst Haeckel - Premium Poster

1800 - Seeanemonen Koralle Korallen Schwamm Bertuch Kupferstich engraving | eBay

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I Love these!!!!! While diving you can wave your hand over them and they quickly go back down into the coral.

Zu den Blumentieren (Anthozoa) gehören unter anderem die Korallen und Seeanemonen (Actiniaria), auch Seerosen oder Seenelken genannt. Hier zeigen wir eine Anthozoa-Larve (Foto von: / S. Mirshak )

Seeanemonen Collier Hand geschmiedeter Anhänger aus Messing an einer Kette mit facettierten Glasperlen. Anhänger 21 x 21 mm, Kettenlänge 44 cm Unikat

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Glowing Sea Urchin #LostOcean Colour palette inspiration!

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