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Beautiful swan. Makes me think of the swans in Springbank Park in Ontario, swimming through the willows along the waters edge.

von Playbuzz

Which Monogamous Animal Species Are You And Your Partner?

My love, if God wills, the only thing I want is sensibility with you according to God's Holy Will. What I mean is, Tuesday is a little different from Monday and very different from Wednesday and Friday, which are quite different from Thursday which is again quite different from Saturday and Sunday is the best day of all! You're making the days of the week beautiful for me, my surrounding, unmistakable love! I would love to admire each and every day with you! I am very so much in love with…

von DaWanda

Hochzeitskerze, Modell „Emma“

Schwäne No 2, handsigniert G. Pflumm von Atelier Pflumm auf