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Known as “first-aid for your skin,” this all-in-one skin conditioner is a must for every medicine cabinet.It’s unique combination of Oakin™, Dimethicone and Zinc Oxide enables Amerigel® Care Lotion to address multiple skin conditions with one product, eliminating the need for numerous hand, body and facial moisturizers. It absorbs in well and is not greasy. It also has some antibacterial and antifungal properties which is especially important for people with diabetes.


Gloves In A Bottle #Shielding #Lotion #SPF15, 8oz - Bonds with the outer-most layer of #skin, locking in #natural #moisture and keeping irritants out. #Relief from #psoriasis and #eczema, heals #dry or #cracked skin, #prevents skin #allergies and #irritations. Protects from hand #sanitizers, #surgical #scrubs, #frequent #hand-washing, #latex #gloves and #toxins. Effective on #feet, #diabetic #friendly, will not wash off, #naturally exfoliates and lasts for 4 hr. Good Sleep

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For PSORIASIS SUFFERS READ THIS IT RRALLY WORKS I KNOW FIRST HAND my boyfiend has had psoriasis for 20 YRS+ but just the last few have been real bad covington 90% of his body. About 4 months ago I gave HIM the PINE TAR DANDRUFF SHAMPOO BAR (from PIONEER NATURAL SOAPS) he used it allover everyday in week there was only a few small spot left and now months after using , everyday NO SPOT! ♡So HAPPY WE COULD CRY♡ TRY IT! IT WORK!

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Scalp Psoriasis and Natural Hair: What Worked For Me and What Didn’t

By Christina of The Mane Objective Scalp challenges go far beyond dandruff and excess oil. There are some scalp conditions that require medical attention and regular treatments and if left uncared …


Vegan Hemp Seed Oil & Mango Seed Butter Face, Hand, & Body Lotion by Wellness Prioritized For Rosacea, Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema Lavender Melaleuca All Natural Organic 8 oz

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Psoriasis on Your Hands and Feet Is Horrible. Learn How to Treat It

Psoriasis on your hands and feet can be very painful and unattractive. Learn the many treatments you can use to ease your symptoms and heal your skin.

Pommade Divine Nature's Remedy Balm - Nicknamed mummy’s magic cream, as it is a product mothers can use as a lip balm, cuticle conditioner, hand moisturiser, or foot treatment – but it can also be used as a first-aid kit. It’s great for minor skincare injuries and even more serious issues such as eczema and psoriasis.