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theamazingroyals: 02/03/2016 - The Earl and The Countess of Wessex arrived in The Bahamas Two day visit will be full of events surrounding the Governor General’s Youth Awards Programme. While in The Bahamas the Royal Couple will visit and have lunch with the Governor General at Government House, visit the Royal Bahamas Defence Force headquarters, tour a number of schools, and take a short trip to Abaco while in The Bahamas. X

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Chalkboard Homework Club & Idioms

Chalkboard Homework Club board! All students start in the homework club at the beginning of the month. If they are still in at the end of the month they get to have lunch in the classroom!


Who wouldn't want to have lunch with Tory Burch? Pack your midday meal in style with a Tory Burch Lunchbox and Thermos. Neiman Marcus + Target #Holiday24

Social Conference Worksheet for Disruptive Students This worksheet is based on an idea from Teaching Kids to Care. When I'm having difficulties with a student, I fill out what I'm noticing on this sheet, have lunch with them and we fill out the rest together.


Love this! Students place a magnet with their number on it on the tray to make their reservation for the classroom cafe. They get to make their reservation when they fill in their behavior chart. All kids love to have lunch with the teacher.

One of my behavior management plans is a ticket reward system-the students get a ticket for positive behavior. I "sell" these lunch with a teacher...


Mmmmm, cute, this is a free printable for lunch count for a public school teacher but love the idea ..mmmm, how to use at home? Oh...I how about an idea for a chore chart :o)

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Lunch Box Supplies And Tools To Pack A Great School Lunch

Lunch Box Supplies And Tools To Pack A Great School Lunch. From containers, to ice packs to cutters, to sporks! Totally makes lunch packing easier. And more fun!

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Classroom Reveal

New lunch count idea. Instead, have 1 basket for Absent, Choice A, Choice B (veggie), or Lunch from Home