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Die besten kostenlosen Druckvorlagen für Familien!

Hier gibt es in Zukunft verschiedene Druckvorlagen rund um das Thema: Haushalt / Organisation. Die Vorlagen sollen dabei helfen, denn Alltag besser zu organisieren und Zeit zu sparen.   &…


6 Dinge, die organisierte Menschen schon vor dem Mittagessen tun

Organisierte Menschen kommen immer pünktlich und scheinen alles im Griff zu haben. Das liegt unter anderem an dem, was sie schon vor dem Mittag tun.

Mittagessen und Snacks direkt neben der Tür sorgen dafür, dass das Essen auch…

5. Have lunch at New Hope Restaurant, Siem Reap. "You will not only enjoy one of the best meals you'll have in town, but you'll feel good to know that this is a trade school for former sex workers, an elementary school for at risk kids and a local free medical clinic. The former head chef of a Siem Reap 5 star hotel runs the training restaurant, and her expertise shows. Plan to stay for a site tour and to meet the kids." - Malerie Yolen-Cohen


I can't stand the lunch scramble in the mornings! To help resolve this, we have Lunches prepped for the week. We pre bag Snacks, Veggies, Fruits, and even prep our main lunch items (Sandwiches, etc). We also pre fill a water bottle for each day. We save money by making our own lunchables (crackers, cheese, ham) and even the pizza lunchable! My kids love putting these items together ahead of time, and they look forward to a healthy, yummy lunch!

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14 Ways to Stop the Morning Madness

Article on how to have prepare and have peaceful school mornings - like turn on upbeat music, wake them up with a kiss, have lunches prepared before they wake up, surprise them with rewards for getting things done on time, like something little waiting in the car on the way to school or special treat in their lunch box.


When the students score a B on a spelling test they get a sticker to put on their incentive chart. If they make an A they get two stickers. Once the student gets 5 stickers they get a prize from the treasure box. After 10 they get a treat. Once they fill their chart they get to have lunch bunch and no spelling homework for the next week.

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Chalkboard Homework Club & Idioms

Chalkboard Homework Club board! All students start in the homework club at the beginning of the month. If they are still in at the end of the month they get to have lunch in the classroom!