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New York, NY - RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC - Standard Schnauzer Mix. Meet Biscuit, a dog for adoption.

Labrador Schnauzer mix puppy - the ears look like Luna's! This is why I know she has schnauzer in her - the build, ears, and tiny beard


Washington, DC - Standard Schnauzer Mix. Meet Blue Moon, a dog for adoption.

Millersville, MD -HOMEWARD BOUND SCHNAUZER RESCUE - Miniature Schnauzer Mix…

yorkie schnauzer mix | ... here: Home » Schnauzer Mixes » Schnauzer Mix with Yorkie | Schnorkie

Boston, MA - Last Hope K9Rescue, Standard Schnauzer Mix. Meet SIRYN, a dog for adoption.

Mesa, AZ - Miniature Schnauzer Mix. Meet A3853013, a dog for adoption.


Boca Raton, FL - Miniature Schnauzer Mix. Meet Mario, a dog for adoption.