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Schmerzen Im Oberschenkel Innen

Auf dem oberschenkel :)

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Except scars? I don't have any. I don't self harm! But pretty much everything else

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Mirror am I pretty yet? Never consult your mirror consult yourself, the most beautiful wise person you know.

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"If you know what they did to will break your heart. And I don't want to.

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Lol a lot of family problems has been goin on so I've been trying hard not to cut. If anyone needs to talk my instagram is asexual_kat

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When you feel my heat, look into my eyes, that's where my demons hide.

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The guy I like likes someone never good enough for anyone..-Marina

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love blood girl quote Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely anxiety alone Grunge self harm self hate cutting cuts anorexia ana mia black white

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Plan to add a few f@$king more too