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Fitness: If you want better results expect more! For anyone who has hit a plateau or feels that the return on their investment of time is lacking results read on. Everyone wants to be stronger faster leaner but just wanting it isnt enough. If you want batter results from your training you have to expect more from yourself. Demand the best for your body. Whether youre pedaling away in a group exercise class or grinding your bike up a hill what do you do when the going gets tough? When your…

Pelvic asymmetry correction: exercise to help pull one side of the pelvis out of anterior rotation. Pelvic asymmetries may be a result of muscle imbalance (tight muscles pulling the spine, hip and pelvis). laying on the floor, lift the affected-side leg up, grasping just behind the knee with both hands while applying an upwards resistance with the hands, try to push the thigh down back towards the floor. (hold for 5-6 sec) relax the leg and use the hands to pull the thigh towards the chest.

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Beat that injury: Hamstring strain

Pain down the back of your thighs or behind your knees? We've got the answers.

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Truth About Cellulite by Joey Atlas - An Honest Non-Bias Review

Truth About Cellulite by Joey Atlas - A fitness and workout program designed to fight and eliminate cellulite. Get rid of those jiggly fat behind your thighs today. #cellulite #fitness #workout

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Shara Proctor raring to go for gold at Rio and put 2012 pain behind her

Shara Proctor raring to go for gold at Rio and put 2012 pain behind her Long jumper was overwhelmed by the occasion at London 2012 but is in a better place after battling back from a thigh injury that left her unable to walk

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These Thigh Workouts Will Blast the Leg Jiggle

brooke griffin doing behind the back presses with a pilates ring