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Paula Scher gets serious. This is a great talk about the nature of serious play.


Paula Scher Ted Talk :

There are many ways to self muscle-test or get answers from your subconscious mind to find out what impact something is having on your energy system -- ei


What does a program manager do? JCCSF's former Youth and Family Department Program Manager Alan Scher talks about a typical day on the job.

The Radiant Virtue Of Spiritual Empowerment by Lidia Scher\'s Art Studio

Lake Lugano viewed from Parco Scher Shower Curtain on

Is a job in non-profits right for you? Alan Scher, former Program Manager at the JCCSF shares his thoughts on how to figure this out.

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Pretty lace backdrop accented by ferns

Paula Scher looks back at a life in design (she's done album covers, books, the…