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How To Clean Your Dryer Vent Like A Pro

Is your dryer not drying as fast as it used to? Check out how to clean your dryer vent like a pro. Save some time and money and do it yourself. The results are amazing!

Prevent house fires!! Instructions on how to properly clean your dryer, which should be done every year

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How to Get Rid of Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants | The Family Handyman

DIY Clean a Clothes Dryer Vent with Linteater Kit - YouTube

How to thoroughly clean your dryer to prevent fires and get your dryer working better. Very detailed tutorial!

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New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

Lint Bunnies Begone--cleaning out the dryer vent.


10 Ways to Make Your Laundry Room Look Amazing

Most dryers can't be pushed up against the wall due to the dryer vent so why not build a shelf to cover the gap. Not only does it add more storage but it also keeps items from falling behind the washer and dryer

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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent to Reduce Fire Risk

How to Thoroughly Clean a Dryer Vent for Effective Performance: Vacuum Lint Trap Housing Cavity


One of the easiest ways to keep your dryer running efficiently is to clean out its lint trap, screen and vent. Over time lint, (aka “formerly known as your clothes”), will build up in t…


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