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How To Clean Toilet Stains Like A Pro

Get rid of those awful toilet bowl stains without scrubbing. Check out how to clean toilet stains like a pro and get your toilet clean again.

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Schweißtreibendes Toilettenschrubben war gestern: Reiniger aus eigener Produktion ersetzt ungesundes Kloputzmittel

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10 WD-40 Hacks You've Never Heard Before

The solvents in WD-40 will help dissolve any gunk and lime in your toilet. Spray your toilet bowl for a couple of seconds and use a toilet brush to help scrub away the grime.

Natural Toilet Cleaner + 6 Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Tips

Natural Toilet Cleaner + 6 Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Tips ~Pour 1 cup of 'vinegar' into your tank. Allow to sit while you clean. Then flush 2-3 times to rinse out the tank. Make sure to rinse the vinegar from the tank because it can cause corrosion.

Use Kool-Aid Lemonade (unsweetened) to clean toilet bowl ring

My American Confessions: How to Clean IMPOSSIBLE Toilet Bowls: Updated!

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Hydrogen Peroxide Magic!

Clean the toilet bowl. Pour half a cup of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE into the toilet bowl, let stand for 20 minutes, then scrub clean.

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So duftet die Toilette immer frisch und bleibt sauber. Das wünscht sich doch jeder!

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3 Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipes - Rubies and Radishes

3 Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaners You Can Make At Home - Rubies & Radishes

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