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This is a representation of a fast moving, medium armored Sassanian Savaran Cavalry Elite.

"Sassanian Archer in Four Horn Saddle"

Persian Sassanid (200AD to 600AD) in heavy armour, precursor of the European knights of the Middle Ages. All this heritage was swept away after the islamic conquest of Iran. The Sassanids were Zoroastrians like their predecessors' the Achaemenids and the Parthians, who ruled Iran from 500 BC to 600 AD.


Christos Giannopoulos - Guerrero turco otomano, siglo XV

What an unusually built horse. Long legs, small head, lovely arched neck. The Akhal-Teke stallion Arim by Kerri-Jo, via Flickr


artinparsi: “Horse head, gilded silver, 4th century AD, Sassanid art. Found in Kerman, Iran. ”


Sassanid Persian Cavalry - Sassanian Savaran in Four Horn Saddle