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RIDGID®, the world’s leading manufacturer of pipe working tools, produces today millions of pipe wrenches with types and sizes to fit every application. All current RIDGID® wrenches are based on the same timeless design as the original RIDGID® Heavy-Duty wrench dating from 1923.


Rare 19th Century Plumbing Tools

Rare 19th Century Plumbing Tools united states 1800's Set of 16 plumbing tools circa 1870's. These incredible forms range from cylindrical to oblong to plunger looking forms each done in solid wood each with fantastic and deep patina. This grouping belonged to one of our elder client's grand father and make fantastic sculptures or even a mobile.

Knipex Pliers Wrench XL Pliers and Wrench in a single tool

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11 Plumbing Tricks of the Trade for Weekend Plumbers

Loosen Stuck Pipes with Heat - When a threaded connection won't budge, heat sometimes does the trick, especially on ancient connections that were sealed with pipe dope that hardened over time. Be patient. Getting the metal hot enough can take a couple of minutes. Protect nearby surfaces with a flame-resistant cloth. This method is for water and waste pipes only, never for gas or fuel lines. Plumbing Tools Problem Solving Products

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Quick Tips for Soldering Your Pipes

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