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Mortadella Monster : Food Network

Mortadella Monster : Leave it to the Sandwich King to concoct this over-the-top beauty, boasting piles of mortadella, Muenster cheese and a dressed-up honey-mustard mixture with pickled jalapenos.

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This sandwich is irresistible.

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Mortadella Pasty

Bar do Mane's Mortadella Sandwich: Almost a pound of Meat!

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Boyfriend is a chef. His go to snack is a mortadella sandwich (artisinal hamwich) #sandwiches #food #lunch #love #salads #recipe #breakfast #coffee #foodie #foodporn

Better Bologna Sandwich

Better Bologna Sandwich: A grown up and much tastier version of the bologna sandwich. I like to use good Mortadella, Gruyere cheese, and a quick homemade olive tapenade. Mouth watering! |

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A Sandwich a Day: 'wichcraft's New Mortadella Sandwich

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Italian Subs

Italian Subs Recipe : Food Network Kitchen : Food Network -

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Hot mortadella sandwich - just a few ingredients and OMG tasty!

Cincinnati Reds: Fried Mortadella Sandwich w/ Peppers, Onions, & Chipotle Aioli

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