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DIY Tick And Bug Repellent This REALLY works! Ticks & chiggars (red bugs) hate tea tree oil! Also tea tree oil administered directly to a tick in the skin will make it let go & drop off. We did this on ourselves & our dog & it worked!


DIY Chigger Repellant 2 tsp witch hazel, 4 tbsp water, 5 drops essential oil (can use lavender, tea tree, thyme, or lemongrass). Wish I knew this last weekend.

von Lady Lee's Home

Are you covered in chigger bites and about to lose you mind? Here are 47 things you can do to treat and prevent chigger bites!


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von Ann's Entitled Life

Best Essential Oil Mosquito and Bug Repellent Recipes; ward off mosquitos and bugs with these essential oil recipes for around the house, and personal use.

von The Daily South

Grumpy’s readers have confirmed it! Well, at least two of them have! When chigger bites torture you, stop the itch immediately…

Chigger Repellent Formulated with Essential Oils


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von cross-eyed owl

I am a chigger magnet. We moved to the south east 5 years ago. I never knew what a chigger was, or how badly they itch when you get bit. I have stayed indoors from June 1st to October every year si…

Red cedar granules will repel insects including fleas, chiggers, bull gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies, ants, and biting scorpions.