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i love mice, but i dont have one of my own,... but there have to be pets.

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“Zuckersüßer Hustenstiller“ (Thymian-Sirup)

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Objets inanimés, avez-vous donc une âme, qui s'attache à notre âme et la force d'aimer ? - Alphonse de Lamartine

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Erkältung adé: Selbstgemachter Tee & Co

“Zaubersaft für kleine Schniefnasen“- Ingwer-Honig-Tee mit Vitaminsaft

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stimmt. ein küsschen ab und zu sollte ich dir wenigstens hier lassen: mmmmm:* und erzähl mir bitte weiterhin von deinem Leben. davon, was dich beschäftigt. was dich umtreibt sagte der Bär…

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I bet James II is like "man f u too" -> I don't think so. He probably sees Teddy as a big brother and therefore Harry ' s eldest kid.

I'm crying with laughter and a lot of sadness that this didn't happen.

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the way i see it, Harry and Ginny would be all into bets. so, when it came to Teddy, Harry would claim that Ted would be a Seeker when he grew up. Ginny would argue of course, that he’d be a Chaser. it didn’t enter either of their Quidditch-addled minds that he wouldn’t play at all (which he doesn’t, in my head). here, Ginny is boosting her chances of being right with Harry’s attention elsewhere.

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Newborn photo ideas next to stuffed animal to show how fast your little one grows #cute #babies #photography

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Brown Teddy Bear Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Toppart Sweden

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