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COLONY collective noun for Ibises{scarlet ibises}


Collective nouns for Mythological creatures

Collective nouns - definition and examples. (image via


A gathering of crochet fairies - what is the collective noun for fairies?

Taylor's Five Gnomes (three gnomes). I think the next ones will be knitted together to make a chain of gnomes. What is the collective noun for gnomes? A garden?


we-are-rogue: Commission - Pixie Warrior by Horus-Goddess Pixie rogues. Few things are more infuriating that pixie rogues. Play a pixie rogue. Be a pain in everybody’s ass. You know you want to. They’re only slightly less annoying than kender rogues (and playing a kender is against the rules, never do that, my god, what were you thinking), and double the fun. The collective noun for pixies is: a flutter of pixies. P.S. This is NOT an optimisation tip. Pixie LA is horrendous. Not…