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What's the deadliest animal in Africa? It's not the lion or the crocodile--it's the hippopotamus! Hippos have razor-sharp tusks, weigh as much as fifty men, and can run twenty-five miles per hour! Follow these hefty hulks as they glide underwater, play tug-of-war, swat balls of dung at one another, and nuzzle their young in the mud. Just don't get too close--they could chomp you in two!

Financial Accounting is considered the backbone of any business, no matter what the size. It’s the management of a company’s finances that will determine its stability in the future for the short and the long term. No matter how many sales are made, if an organization doesn’t have a smoothly running financial management system, it probably won’t have much of a future.


Beetles in Resin Jewelry!

Beetles in Resin Jewelry, but you could do this with anything, ladybugs, flowers, acorns - let your imagination run free!

Bao đeo tay điện thoại tiện dụng khi tập thể thao Bao da điện thoại đeo tay dành cho điện thoại di động cảm ứng với kích thước màn hình điện thoại iPhone 5/5s. Quai đeo tay giúp bạn đảm bảo thoải mái vận động. Bao đeo Iphone thể thao giúp bạn luyện tập thể thao rèn luyện sức khỏe mà vẫn đảm bảo giữ kết nối liên lạc với mọi người.


Rounding 101 - Number Lines, Games and More

Rounding can be a challenging skill. Help your students better understand rounding, to the nearest 10 and 100, using interactive number lines, hands-on rounding activities, games and independent practice.

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Roll It! Rounding Game

Want a FREE rounding game to use in your math centers tomorrow? Learn how to play this differentiated Roll It! Rounding Game. You'll even get our free game boards to use!