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Swim with the Manatees

Just Remember This… – Manatee Fritters

Just Remember This… – Manatee Fritters

DUGONG (large marine mammal; related to manatees and sea cows; was hunted for its meat and blubber almost to extinction in the 1700s; most live in the northern waters of Australia; the only strictly vegetarian mammal in the oceans and seas)

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Manatee!! So enjoyed seeing these in their own habitats while in Florida!!

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Check out this list of family friendly things do see and do in Florida. Must add them to your bucket list!

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Crystal River, February. Manatees from the Gulf of Mexico seek shelter in the springs to be able to keep their core temperature.

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1 Thing You Have To Do In Florida!

This is where to swim with manatee in Florida...

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