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Hallo, ich bin Alyssa Brown, Konrektorin und Verbindungslehrerin am Institut. Ich unterrichte hier seit 5 Jahren Englisch und Kunst. Mein Mann, Harry Brown, ist Sport- und Mathelehrer und leitet die Rudermannschaft des Internats. Wir haben gemeinsam zwei Jahre bei ihm in Michigan gewohnt, doch ich bin gebürtige Deutsche.


Sport ist eigentlich nicht sein Ding, aber die Rudermannschaft gefällt Guillaume (Guillaume Gallienne) © 2014 Concorde Filmverleih GmbH


The Old Etonian is a gin cocktail which enjoyed great popularity in London, circa 1925. The cocktail takes its name from Eton College and from the college's alumni, who are often referred to as Old Etonians.

Imogen Poots is my mental image of Reese at the moment. I haven't seen her in a lot of movies but I like this picture of her and could see Reese in very much the same manner.


"Cut it." She whispered, so softly I almost missed the words entirely. Even when I understood them, I wasn't quite sure that I'd heard her right. "What?" "Cut it," she insisted. Her expression was calm and serene, but her voice was quavering. "I'm going to lose it all anyway. Just cut it for me. Please." ~Jayne August and Unnamed Character (Cassidy Eubanks)


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emily browning, dewy natural makeup with smudgy eyes