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Top 5 Most Loyal Dog Breeds of All times: Rough Collie.


ROUGH COLLIE, Blue merle simply beautiful i have a sheltie and cannot begin to tell you how much i love him his name is Earle thank you ellie hamm


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Rough Collie, I love this breed, my first dog was a collie, sable and white like this one. She was called Vicky , I was fifteen when she was given to me.


Silver by Devilstar, Rough Collie. I am such a sucker for Blue Merles. I own 2 of the Aussie variety.


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Community Post: 10 Things Only Rough Collie Owners Would Understand

2."Rough Collies are sensitive dogs. A firm scolding & you’re given the classic melancholy look -Try fighting the urge to give into that beautiful heartbroken face." The caption for this pic also included “stubborn”, but I've never had a stubborn Collie. Very intelligent & bred to be independent thinkers to handle challenges that could arise while herding flocks, Collies want to please their owners, but can sometimes give you a piece of their mind while doing what you tell them to do :)…