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I love the hair!! Want to do this!!! Neo-Victorian #Goth girl with photoshoped black tears and #red hair.

this looks somewhat like Adel especially the freckles and the hair. but this would be like her as a teenager.

Ginger | Redhead | Carrot Girl | Beautiful Hair Color | Freckels

Oh goodness, I would so make a fuss over this little girl if I saw her in person! Love the hair!

Portrait-I am just going to admit it, this is what I always dreamed my little girl would look like. Rosy cheeks with my Grandmas red hair...

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime/ Red-Haired Snow White. Shirayuki is a girl born with rare red hair which catches the eye of the local prince Raji, who wants to make her a concubine. Unhappy with this, she runs away into the woods of the neighboring country. While she's resting she meets Zen who quickly becomes caught in the troubles that come with a girl with unique red hair. #manga