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Rommel Film

. Where Rommel is, there is the front. Actually when the invasion began he was at home celebrating his wife's birthday!


La Rochelle, France, 2/12/44, Field Marshal Rommel in the Bay of Biscay. Field Marshal Rommel before one of the huge bomb-proof bunkers, of a U-Boat submarine pen. H.KBZ.b.HGr.D., Film No. 198/32, picture Reported by: Jesse. Many of these photos stills from the many propaganda films.


Berthold and Klaus von Stauffenberg,Conspirators of 1944 plot to kill Hitler. Bertold a professor of internatinal law. Claus an army colonel.Bertold planted the bomb whichdid not kill Hitler. He was strangled & revieved multiple times. His execution filmed for Hitler.Claus Shot.(picture of them younger)