Day 1: My favorite Male character naruto character is rock lee. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He's funny, is really inspiring and i agree with him: hard work > talent.

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Naruto Shippuden Rock Lee Poster Portrait Anime Official Japan | eBay

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Naruto and Sasuke letting Rock Lee have a taste at Ninjutsu

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ein Held ist nicht jemand , der nie fällt. er ist der jenige der immer wieder und wieder aufsteht und für seine träume kämpft

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Rock Lee by matjosh on DeviantArt

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● ThePierced3moGirl °•

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Rock lee

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Rock Lee, Gaara, funny, comic, stretching exercises, cute; Naruto

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I'm always disappointed when Rock Lee doesn't use them as projectiles. They could do some serious damage, especially if the opponent is clueless about how heavy they are.

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● ThePierced3moGirl °•

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