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I was just casually scrolling through my feed and had to stop for this one. He may be twenty years older than me, but he is definitely in better shape than I am!

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Richard Armitage "I Saw Something Fine", looking my way.

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SherLocked, Khanberbatched, and Hiddlestoned

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Richard Armitage from Recognise Magazine photo shoot June 14 2011

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Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station (2016)

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Richard Armitage He should have been cast as Batman. Tell me ^^^that doesn't look like Bruce Wayne waiting for the sun to set so he can go fight crime.

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15697673_10154907660973993_7819167850579787984_n.jpg (604×810)

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Black and white of Richard Armitage in a suit. A very nice suit, I might add.

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Bros before hoes: Lee Pace and R. Armitage Notice: this is Photoshopped, in the original actress Anna Friel stands between the two! (Taken during The Crucible, 2014)

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