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The Rhode Island Red is renowned for its egg laying talents, hardy qualities and laid-back personality. This chook will make a wonderful addition to any backyard flock! Check out our top 5 reasons on why we adore these girls here, #loveyourchickens #rhodeislandred #rhodeislandredchickens

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How to Have the Perfect Winter Day in Newport, Rhode Island

Winter in Newport Rhode Island

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Urban Uses: Rhode Island Reds are excellent layers, producing five eggs per week. They are also known for their meat and are hardy enough for cold climates.

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Saving Heritage Breed Chickens ~

Rhode Island Red Plus

clockwise from the top: Rhode Island Red egg; Plymouth Barred Rock egg; Ameraucana egg and also Ameraucana egg

Cute and fun printable hen puppet. Great craft to go with a chicken lesson (and the new Hens for Friends book!)

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Sex Rhode Island Red Chicks

Sexing Rhode Island Red Chicks

river edge chickens // rhode island red and silver laced wyandotte

20 Cold-Hardy Chicken Breeds

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