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Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. Symptoms of RLS include itchy, burning and tingling sensations. It is worse at night when lying down and is relieved by movement or walking. RLS can cause trouble falling asleep, and/or repeated awakenings. This disorder is most common in middle and older age groups and affects 10-15% of the US population. Click to learn more.

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Restless leg syndrome: In fact in patient with RLS and venous insufficiency, 98% had relief of their symptoms of RLS by treating their venous insufficiency and 80% of patients the relief was long term [> 2ys][3]. In light of this new information it makes sense for patients who have symptoms of restlessness in their legs to be evaluated for venous insufficiency with

Restulex™ Official Site - Natural Restless Legs Relief

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Restulex™ Official Site - Natural Restless Legs Relief

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This is an absolute nightmare to have, (no pun intended) I didn't even know what was happening when I developed the symptoms about 6 years ago. I am so thankful there are meds to treat the severe forms of this, otherwise I would walk all night instead of sleeping!

Caitlin Harvilla 230-012 pin 1 This talks about Dyslexia and how it is overlooked in early childhood. There are many ways to test for it but schools often diagnose it as just a "learning disorder" which is vague and doesnt allow for the school to get to the root of Dyslexia.


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Venous insufficiency is a progressive vein disease that continues to worsen with time and causes symptoms such as: - leg pain - leg cramps - restless legs at night - varicose veins in the legs - heaviness, tired and achy legs - swelling of the legs and ankles Learn more at: #LegPainSpringHillFL #SpringHillVeinDisease #LegSwellingSpringHillFL #SwollenLegsSpringHillFL

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