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Erwartest Du von anderen Verständnis und Anteilnahme, wenn Du mal nicht gut drauf bist? Dann habe auch Du Nachsicht mit Dir. Erwartest Du, dass andere Dich gut behandeln? Dann behandele Dich selbst auch gut. Erwartest Du, dass andere Dir Deine Fehler verzeihen? Dann verzeihe auch Du Dir Deine Fehler. Erwartest Du, dass andere Dich respektieren? Dann respektiere auch Du Dich. Du verdienst es, gut behandelt zu werden. Euer Ingo von der #AutoErlebniswelt #TüTaunus #Fehler

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Warum fällt uns das Loslassen so schwer

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I Deserve Peace (Live Life Happy)

I Deserve Peace. Peace from chaos. I was always there for people in my life. When I mean there. calling, talking in person, visiting. I was too much there for them. Almost self sacrificing for others I cared for. Was talking on there stuff. For the first time I have been there for me. Able to work on myself/ new goals, so that i can meet new professionals, friendships, and a respectable partner. It has been very challenging. Learned Who is there for me. how used I was. i have a choice. My…

If you are giving a person multiple chances then they didn't respect you to begin with. You just have to know that has NOTHING to do with YOU. That's all them. Be kind even if they aren't.


Exactly! Sober up. Don't give yourself away so easily. Stop chasing, begging, or tricking men into being with you. Show the respect for another's marriage, family, and happiness that you would want for your own. It's never too late to earn respect, and it starts with yourself.


Every man who has ever rejected me should know this. I have great things to offer. If you didn't see it the first time, please don't come crawling back after YOU have been rejected. Thank you.