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Lewis Putnam Turco – A cross between The Joy of Cooking and According to Hoyle for poets, Turco’s text remains a rarity: a reference book with personality. Turco’s lucid, empathetic entries on every form under the sun continue to serve many poets writing their first pantoums or settling drunken bets on the rhyme scheme of the rimas dissolutas (abcdef abcdef ghijlk ghijlk ..., if written in sestets). –


Cute! A letter monster swatter that helps kids learn the alphabet. {Mrs. Riccas Kindergarten}

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Tina Givens - Riddles & Rhymes - Sing Me A Song (Peony) - Half Metre Fabric

Tina Givens - Riddles & Rhymes - Sing Me A Song (Peony)

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Board Book


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Cream of the Crop: 9 Recipes that Prove Corn and Cream are Better Together

Corn and cream are a dream team (and, yes, I meant to make a tacky rhyme–hope you liked it). The rich cream matches…

FaceOff by Lee Child,