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von La Maison de Florence

1804-05 French Evening Dress-front small

1804-05 French Evening Dress - V&A /this would make a beautiful wedding dress, without the sleeves


Layers of a Regency Dress (early 1800's) by TzarinaRegina "1) the model, 2) stalkings and pantalettes (these would often just be two pant legs tied together at the top), 3) a shift, 4) the stay (this was like the corset version of a modern bra, mostly meant to lift the bust), 5) a bodiced petticoat (often with a decorative hem, just in case it showed), 6) the dress, often worn with white gloves at formal occasions."


Maternity gown, circa 1800, worn by Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of Frederick William III, King of Prussia, during one of her many pregnancies.


Three very pretty dresses. Dress (left), 1810 Dress (center), 1815 Dress (right), 1805/1810 Münchner Stadtmuseum